Advance SkinCare and Teen Skin Actives By Eve Taylor

Advance SkinCare and Teen Skin Actives By Eve Taylor

Very excited to let you know that I’ll be stocking two new lines of Eve Taylor products at Sanity from this week.  Many of you will have already treated yourself to a specialist facial at Sanity your skin will have benefitted from hydration serum, or you have had an application of Q10 serum or Triple C serums, all targeted for specific treatment aims that benefit your skin.  If your confused about which serum to use and why, this blog is the start to understanding and if you have any further questions please email as I’m always interested to hear about your treatment aims for your skin.

If you’ve visited Sanity for facials you will know I suffer with severe allergies, alcohol based products burn and irritate my skin, some lanolin products have caused reactions and for the longest time I used no products on my skin as was getting pretty fed up of buying expensive product only to have to stop using after a couple of applications.  Eve Taylor really has been my saviour, so this is just a quick reminder of why I’m so passionate about her products, and the fact they really work, you leave after a facial at Sanity feeling clean, hydrated, wonderful aromatic scent of only natures’ essential oils, and the best part – all  products are Paraben free, Eve Taylor does not use ingredients such as artificial colours or fragrances and well as other known irritants which can sensitize the skin, including alcohols, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, or phthalates alongside other ingredients that can be comodegenic (pore blocking).  Oh and lets not forget Eve Taylor prices are affordable, not overpriced brand protectionist market giant prices, just everyday prices that allow you to explore the skincare ranges, and consider having the right products for your skin at the right time of the month.

Advanced Skin Care

Ok so the exciting part, the new products!  Firstly I’d like to tell you about the Advanced Skincare line, three products come to Sanity from this line:-

Hydrating Serum – £29.99 – 30Ml

A light fluid gel serum that rapidly absorbs into the skin to plump and hydrate the skin.  Fine lines are eased as skin is rehydrated and skin texture is left soft and silky with no tacky after feel, plumps and hydrates the skin smoothing fine lines and softening wrinkles. Softens skin texture leaving skin silky smooth. Prevents trans-epidermal water loss, more commonly known as dehydration.

Plain speak – If your skin feels tight even after using a moisturiser it’s time to supplement with this serum to contain as much water in the skin as possible.

Q10 Serum – £30.59 – 30Ml

This easily absorbed serum delivers potent anti-oxidants to combat free radicals protecting collagen and elastin fibres from degradation. With peptides to stimulate collagen helping minimise lines and wrinkles the firming effect on the surface gives immediate tightening sensation.  Ubiquinone, also known as co-enzyme Q10 is a natural component of every cell. With powerful anti-oxidant benefits to help skin maintain a youthful appearance.  Dipeptide-2 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 stimulate collagen and elastin fibres leading to a firmer skin.  Hesperidin Methyl Calchone with anti-oxidant properties that help strengthens capillaries.

Plain speak – I noticed once I hit 40 my skin no longer had that glow, that soft touch, small lines around my mouth and eyes, this is the serum for you.

Triple C – £37.99 – 30Ml

It’s been shown to reduce lipid peroxidation, limit the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, protect against apoptosis (or cell death) and to reduce redox-sensitive cell signaling. All this means that VC reduces many of the nasty effects of sun exposure, not only reduces melanin production but it also reduces oxidation of the melanin that is produced. Powerful anti-oxidants guard against free radicals which can lead to lines and wrinkles.

Plain speak -Helps build collagen in the skin leading to firmer, younger looking skin, brightens the skin reducing dark patches caused by too much sun exposure.

For me the Hero product has to be the Hydrating serum, and I alternate between the Q10 when I’m feeling really grey and Triple C to pick up my skin after the summer exposure.


Teen-Skin Actives

Secondly from Eve Taylor, she has rebranded and added to the Purifying Range, which targets over oily/acne prone skin, and made a line for Teens 🙂  Now whats been great for my business and my clients is being able to help youngsters with problem skin, I use an LED light mask and blue and red light to reduce the inflammation of bacteria and red to start the process of repairing scarring from attacking spots, but I couldn’t achieve such great results without the Purifying Range as essential oils that include Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Lavender are the keen components of this range that help the skin to rebalance itself.  

Teen Skin Actives – Anti-shine Skin Balm – £11.99 – 75Ml

If your suffering with oily skin, or you have a breakout area you probably don’t feel like adding moisturiser to your face, but did you know you can have over oily skin that is dehydrated, if the skin feels it needs more moisture it will start to produce more sebum leaving you stuck in a cycle of oily skin, breakouts and dryness that only encourages more of the same.  Skin Balm will sit on your skin providing that moisture, also it provides with the essential oils of tea tree, lemongrass an inhospitable environment for bacteria and thus mattes your skin allowing you to use makeup over the top. This purifiying hydrating moisturising balm helps to control oil and shine while refining skin pores. Skin is left matte with a regained fresh healthy appearance. The synergy of Lavender, Lemongrass and Tea Tree help to discourage spots and acne type breakouts.   Gentle yet effective formulation doesn’t leave the skin dry or irritated.

Teen Skin Actives – Overnight Skin Support – £11.99 – 75Ml

Needing to wake without an overnight breakout, this is the night cream for you, non heavy and mindful of moisture and balancing the skin. Purifying action fights bacteria and aids in clearing & recovery while you sleep. Soothing irritations, drawing out impurities & tightening pores to discourage further blockages and the possibility of further breakouts and or acne type eruptions
Use pm. The synergy of Lavender, Lemongrass and Tea Tree help to discourage spots and acne type breakouts.

Teen Skin Actives – Scrub Support – £8.99 – 75Ml 

Breakout skin needs the dead skin removing without using fingers as much as possible as we carry bacteria on fingers and nails this scrub has a granular texture which used in gentle rotation with the tips of your fingers will lightly remove away any damaged areas of dead skin allowing repair. Combat unsightly blackheads & blocked skin pores with natural Bamboo beads to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin for a clearer more energised appearance and tone. The synergy of Lavender, Lemongrass and Tea Tree help to discourage spots and acne type breakouts. Gentle yet effective formulation doesn’t leave the skin dry or irritated.


Sanity offers specialist facials which are always tailored to your skin on the day of your appointment, skin changes during our monthly cycles and at the time of booking to arriving for your treatment skin could have undergone some changes once you arrive and after pre-cleanse has taken place I will always tailor products to get the best out of your facial, now you can continue this at home by taking a look at these new products and the Eve Taylor stables at Sanity with stock in-house.