Art Therapy During Lockdown


Those of you that have visited Sanity for a holistic treatment will be aware of my art that I feature in the Salon, and recently have been adding to my collection.  I have been asked do I sell my pieces, which is a wonderful endorsement of my pictures and therefore I have decided to add this page to Sanity’s website where you can see what art I currently have available, the background to the subject and a link to purchase should you chose to enjoy in your home.

Art Work Currently Available

Please email/call me in relation to viewing any pieces, alternatively should be happy to proceed with purchase contact me in relation to shipping prices or collection in person.

White Snow Tiger


Large Box Canvas

92cm Long x 62cm Wide x 6.5cm deep



Large Canvas

80cm Long x 60cm Wide x 2.5cm deep



Small Canvas

50cm Long x 50cm Wide x 2.5cm deep

About Me

So you know me as a therapist but here is some background to my other passion, painting.  I find being able to put aside some time for painting helps take my mind away from the day to today worries and niggles, while I’m painting I’m literally away in the painting, concentrating on the right light tones, shading, really bringing the picture to life.  I love acrylic paint as the colours can be so vibrant and the thickness of the paint really gives a fantastic texture that makes the image almost 3D.  I have suffered with anxiety my entire life, fight or flight hormones can literally render me useless I can procrastinate over the most simple things and yet with painting it’s not an issue, Art Therapy is amazing but really anything that you enjoy doing can help quiet that mind down.