Welcome to Sanity’s Blogs

Welcome to Sanity’s Blogs

Ok my first ever blog, big decision time do I just blog about the business, my ambitions for Sanity my ideas and new products my thoughts for new treatments and studies I’m currently reading, well yes to all of the above but I like a bit of silliness and reflection too so at the end of my blogs there will be some Jo’ism’s (well known to people that know me I can be a bit scatty but life is a rich tapestry of different folks).

Day 1 – How EXCITING!!!

Just had my delivery today, just take a look at the photos the world is my oyster in the Aroma world, for those of you that don’t know me, well I’m a weird one, with products that is, I have had a few trips to A&E looking like Mr Stay Puff Man from Ghostbusters after either eating, or using products and having allergic reactions which if you focus too much on the effects would leave you scared to try anything but NO WAY to that, I’m of the opinion that you can’t just sit and wait for suppliers to make that ultimate product so try making them yourself. My latest product after suffering from swollen and badly damaged lips for three weeks from a summer fruits EOS lip balm is my beeswax, coconut oil, Vitamin E and Neroli essential oil lip balms, made literally with those products and nothing else, and an added benefit I found after walking the dog one day and forgetting my gloves (not good for a massage therapist) is you can coat your cuticles with the balm too for nourishment and protection.   Neroli is probably my favourite EO after lemongrass, its so good for your skin, reflected by the fact Decleor use it in most of their products so ‘The Balm’ as I’m now going to call it is in it’s infancy and some of my regular clients have been given samples so I’m looking forward to the feedback as it’s hard to be unbiased with your own work. Today though I have just taken delivery of two organic lip balm flavours which will offer a choice of either Butterscotch or Bubble Gum, I’m going to make a few batches today and see how they hang together with the EO’s or possibly they work just with the beeswax and coconut, who knows but it’s exciting to try!


Shown here are my aroma products from left to right,

Soy Wax and Sweet Almond Oil pouring candle lovely warm oil poured directly onto the skin (soy wax only gets to a low melting point so ideal for the skin), offered soon via the treatment page of £25 for a full hour of lushness

Body Butter, coconut and shea butter blended with vitamin E, lemon and lime essential oil (steam distilled), looks like cream goes on like a oil and absorbs in minutes

The Balm, as blogged about above

Beeswax aroma candles lovely natural candle and fragrance without the carcinogen properties of paraffin wax



The Delivery – Exciting!

Sweet Almond oil for the pouring candle – if your a therapist and your clients have no nut allergy it’s such a lovely oil to work with

Jojoba oil – my stable diet of product, this oil is the closest to the skin’s natural sebum, meaning you don’t need to rush to the shower after a massage

Oooohhhhh the organic lip balm flavours, can’t wait to blend these up in the new tubes











The Silliness and Reflection

Where do I start, a lot of things amuse me – today’s amusement was watching the dog walkers down priory marina slipping and sliding in the mud trying desperately to look like their in control as they stroll along, myself included until I ended up looking like a demented windmill trying to hold my footing while a bunch of Nordic walkers with sticks are catching up with me at some speed! Maybe I should have just given in, landed in the mud had them take pity on me but something in their demeanor made me think they probably would have continued, those ladies are on a mission No offense Nordic walkers your just too quick for me.