Strong nails and the importance of your cuticles

Strong nails and the importance of your cuticles

Brrrrr is the name of the day but how lovely and fresh, just wrap up warm and make sure you have my lip balm smothered over your lips and stay protected for over an hour, but don’t neglect your fingers nails.  Did you know that the secret to strong healthy nails is to moisturise your cuticles, underneath the cuticle is a very important part of the nail growing process – the Matrix which consists of a formative cellular layer that is present at the base of the nail.  This is the Germinal Matrix or tissue on which the nail lies. This tissue comprises of skin cells that divide quickly and are rapidly filled with keratin (the hardening process of the nail). The skin cells of the finger nails grow at a speed that is four times faster than that of the toenails which grow about 3 mm every month.  If you don’t have much time just smear a little of my balm or any oil/vaseline just a medium that moisturises the cuticle will keep the skin soft and promote the nail itself to grow through fast and strong.


Silliness, Reflection and Frustrations

So funny walking the dog today, the previous days down Priory Marina it’s been about the slipping and sliding and avoiding the water, today it’s rock hard!  There is ice everywhere, my pup Buddy is only 2 and since we’ve had him he’s not really seen snow or ice been quite mild really so today for the first time he stands in a puddle that has iced over and CRACK went the ice and YELP went Buddy when he sank into the ice cold water!  He must have jumped 4ft in the air very funny and had me chuckling for the remainder of the walk 🙂  I notice in the mornings a few keen photographers down there with their very expensive looking camera’s, I took this one on my phone 🙂