Tomorrow is my book club night, my lovely friend and mentor has setup a Holistic reading group, it’s a lovely group of different skills, all have worked in this industry for many years some as Chiropractors, Reiki Masters, Spa Managers, Therapists, it’s a great time to share our knowledge, experience and views on the topic of the month, this month we are reviewing the Toltec Secret, it’s about dream healing based on an ancient practice in Mexico.  Spirituality in the Holistic industry isn’t a topic that many can get their head round, myself included to begin with, coming from an IT background I dealt in facts and figures, using Chakra healing, crystals, visualisation it’s difficult to take that leap of faith but truthfully it works!  When I have gaps in my day I take the time to just lay on my therapist bed with the electric blanket on, the duvet all snuggly and I place my crystals at their appropriate Chakra point and just take the deep breaths and I just lay there visualising the colour of the crystal and it’s associated Chakra and by the time I’ve addressed each of the 7 points I feel deeply relaxed, no weight on my shoulders and head clear.  It works!  If this sounds like something you want to try just email me, I haven’t published as a treatment on my website but I’m very open to tailoring a treatment for you, for what you need at that time so just take that leap of faith and give me a message to set it up for you.

As you know I’m passionate about my Aromatherapy products and want to market these product as the luxury and quality that they are, I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting so decided to do some illustrations around the different blends of candles.  Each candle is based on the season, therefore I have a spring, summer, autumn and winter blend, I’ve taken some time to blend the exact smell I feel represents that season and with that in mind my illustrations also have a link to their respective season.  See what you think so far to the spring illustration, today in-between my clients I hope to get the summer one done too, these illustrations I can then turn into a product card to accompany your beautiful candle with information on what is blended, the treatment aim for the olfactory system (smell) and care instructions, keep an eye on my blogs and when they are finalised you will hear about it first here.


Silliness, Reflection and Frustration

Frustration today I think after coming back from my daily walk with the dog and today had a lovely chat all the way round with a friend of mine, there is a lovely group down the Marina with their lovely dogs, all of us strangers but all wanting to chat and share stories of our pets.  One lady is particularly struggling with her dog as she wonderfully rescued this beautiful dog and recently it gets very skittish towards certain dogs so due to some less than understanding people she muzzles this dog to offer reassurance and is genuinely doing every thing she can to provide the dog exercise but it’s stressful.  I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to judge she has total control of this dog, it poses no threat and yet some people seem hell bent to give this lady abuse and shout at her.  I feel sorry for the owner as a walk with your pet should be a time to enjoy the great outside get some fresh air and exercise and yet she has to walk round stressed that somebody is going to have a go.  Not fair 🙁 People please we are so short in time in this beautiful world don’t wind yourself up, don’t shout at people, just enjoy your day your walk your business and smile, it’s all it takes to make a person’s day, a warm smile a nice hello doesn’t cost much and for some that might be the only people contact they have all day so make it count.