Holistic Reading Group – The Toltec Secret

Holistic Reading Group – The Toltec Secret

Lovely it’s Friday again, hope your all ready for a relaxing and grounded weekend to recover from the week’s stresses and strains.  Had a lovely evening with the Holistic reading ladies, we reviewed the Toltec Secret as mentioned in Blog – Day 12, and to be totally honest we all found it a bit hard going and a bit ritualistic which considering our backgrounds came as a bit of surprise.  I think the basis of the book is good, it touches on the subject of the sub conscious mind and the conscious mind but in ancient terms, it follows a process of dream healing, the claim being that our fears, worries, anxieties come from our sub conscious mind and if we can reset that thought to be positive instead of a fear our conscious mind will accept that and no longer will that thought be a burden.  Some years ago I under went hypnosis to get over a fear of needles and it worked, the toltec secret is strikingly similar in that you use symbolism and visualisation to change a perception however there is a lot to read, a lot to remember and it states can take 50 years to master whereas I had three sessions of hypnosis and I was able to undergo a series of tests involving needles without me bolting out of the door.  The mind is a powerful tool, we can live and we can exist – big difference, living requires you know your soul, know your likes, needs, wants, your personality and your fears and existing is like just getting by each day, the biggest benefit to shifting towards living is to be grounded.  Grounded – it’s a word banded around in self help books and spiritual people and it’s really hard to be honest, one way of moving towards that goal is appreciation, not of material things, but the simple things in life.  Nature, air, kind words, just let them sink in and appreciate them, suddenly not being able to afford that pair of shoes in the sales pales into insignificance.

Silliness, Reflection and Frustation

Kinda reflection today because now I’ve finished my illustrations I need to reflect on how best to use them, my intention is have the images printed on care instruction cards for you lovely customers when you purchased one of the Beeswax Aroma candles so see what you think to the Seasons collection –

Spring – the daffodil which represents the scent Ylang Ylang and Bergamot

Summer – the sunflower which represent the scent Lemongrass and Lime

Autumn – the maple leaf which represents the scent Lavendar, Cedarwood and Juniper Berry

Winter – the robin which represent the scent Cinnamon leaf and Petitgrain