The marvels of Hot Stone Massage

The marvels of Hot Stone Massage

Well I want to talk about my favourite treatment – hot stone! If you have read the about me page on my website you will know that I have been involved in sport most of my life, really getting competitive participation from the age of 13 and only last year having to retire at 42 so that’s a long career of training, matches and fitness building.  That also means over those years I’ve suffered with a lot of different injuries, strains, tears, cartilage issues and many many appointments of sports massage, physiotherapy and deep tissue which are not what you could call relaxing but a means to an end.  One weekend I went away to a lovely hotel and booked in for hot stone massage, the night before I had played a particularly hard badminton match and was stiff to say the least, I went into that massage not really thinking it would be that beneficial to my rock hard quads but that it would be a relaxing experience nonetheless.  My surprise was the amazing way the heat penetrated the deep tissue, literally I could feel the lactic acid loosening and moving out of my dehydrated muscles and suppleness returned, hot stone massage really does work treating sports injuries and chronic pain. I found that not only did the hot stone massage help me recover, but I also received the bonus benefits of relaxation, reduced stress and renewed energy.  Its worth a try 🙂


Silliness, Reflection and Frustrations


So today I wanted to blog a funny story but it can wait for another entry as yesterday I received the most wonderful gift via my Facebook page.  Its a story about Sam a young lad with his whole life ahead of him but sadly in this judgemental and materialistic world we live in felt that his challenges (Sam was diagnosed with Autism and movement disorder) would prevent him from living a fulfilled and enriched adult life with having a career.  Sam was offered a job at Starbucks and his Manager helped Sam harness his movements into a dance while he made the coffee, he’s known as the dancing Barista!  If you get a chance take a look at this wonderful man, and once you’ve seen it you will understand this, Who can honestly say they love and enjoy their job as much as Sam?  Obviously I am lucky enough to say I Do but many of you will look at Sam with a tinge of enviousness as his day looks such fun!  People like Sam bring much needed love back to the world 🙂  #lovewhatmatters

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