Eve Taylor Purifying Range Blog

Eve Taylor Purifying Range Blog

Hi lovely clients, so I thought I’d start show casing these Eve Taylor products as having now used them myself and on my clients for little under a month just wanted to give you a little more information on the different lines within the Eve Taylor products.

Today’s blog is going to focus on the Purifying line as I have a teenage daughter and have used this line on her over the past 3 weeks and noticed how clear it makes her skin, so here’s all the good stuff that goes into the Purifying line

Purifying wash – blend of essential oils helps reduce skin oil while providing antiseptic, antibacterial properties for a clear, clean complexion,

Key ingredients: Coconut, Tea tree and Ylang Ylang.  Tea Tree oil is a fantastic anti-viral and anti-fungal making it suitable for teen skin where an over production of the skin sebum is quite common which can then lead to block pores and black heads.

Purifying Toner – blend of Witch Hazel and Lavender, this provides a mild astringent combined with the triple action of Lavender to soothe, purify and protect. Its natural anti-bacterial benefits leave skin feeling toned, fresh and hydrated.

Purifying Moisturiser – This is a light weight lotion that provides hydration and antibacterial protection for skins prone to breakouts.

Key ingredients: Lemongrass with astringent properties helps to combat blemishes. Cedarwood soothes while offering an antiseptic element. Humectant properties of glycerine keep skin hydrated.

My daughter’s skin is quite oily on the forehead the nose and the chin, this is your typical T Zone where sebum can rapidly produce, using the Purifying line on her I notice that her skin is now soft, not oily but after a week the oil starts to come back, so I have purchased for her the Purifying Wash which is a fantastic product to keep on top of that troublesome T Zone.  At Sanity should you enjoy any of the Eve Taylor products I can order them in for retail at some discount so come along and give the facials a try.  Next blog will focus on the Soothing line.