Sinus Drainage and Ear Candles

Sinus Drainage and Ear Candles

Morning lovely people – ok it’s gone 12 so good afternoon, bit later today which is a good thing as I had a client for ear candling this morning and another this afternoon.  Ear Candling then people, ever heard of it, probably heard the urban myth that it forms a vacuum and sucks the ear wax out of the ear??  Nope?  Well take a look at my treatments, on my website I detail the whole treatment so you can arrive informed and can relax knowing what’s coming next but for the purpose of my blog, Ear Candling is a heavenly mix of relaxing the Eustachian tube and soothing the millions of tiny hairs within the ear that have many roles but the most commonly known is it’s responsibility for moving ear wax along, the candling has a air vaccuum but not enough to physically pull wax out but enough to soothe and calm.  Consider where you have your Ear Candling as there is no point in having this done without a sinus draining massage after and I also include a scalp massage too, when you come to leave you will feel a lot lighter in the head with a noticeable difference in hearing.  If you google Ear Candling there are many that claim it’s a rip off don’t bother, well all I can say is that since the age of 13 I have suffered with bad ears as does my son, particularly when it comes to flying.  Since I started candling for both of us we do not suffer in the same way, that feeling of pressure that gets so bad it makes your head hurt just doesn’t happen if I ear candle us 2 weeks before flying.  So something is working huh?


Silliness and Reflection

In light of yet another fatal accident on the A421 it has to be reflection, it never fails to sadden me when I read/hear about these types of accidents the reminder that life can change in the blink of an eye.  Life is too short to procrastinate although I do it a lot, life is too short to look back we should look forward but I do that a lot also, I think the point I’m making is that you really have to be grounded to look forward and be positive and it’s only when we see news like this that we actually can feel that desire to live our lives to the absolute full upon realising that two families will be receiving the absolute worse news.  Harness that thought, when life feels like it’s throwing it’s weight against you take a deep breath count to ten and slowly release that breath, do that three times and then consider this, we cannot change the past, so why bother stressing about it, the body releases all sorts of chemicals when we are depressed, anxious, stressed so why do it to yourself.  Those that know me personally will be laughing thinking Jo should really take some of her own advice and it’s because I’ve been through loss, trauma, breakdown that I can emphasise, it’s due to those horrific experiences that compliment my business because meeting my lovely clients and hearing their stories always makes me realise that we are all suffering in some way, so lets just be there for each other and just be nice because you just don’t know what’s round the corner.  Peace out.

On a lighter note – my drains are now cleared!!!  I have a happy husband again 🙂