Facial Cleansing Brush

Facial Cleansing Brush

So whats so special about the Eve Taylor facial cleansing brush, well I was sceptical at first until I tried it.  So with most of the cleansers by Eve Taylor you can massage onto the face but using a dampened cleansing brush to emulsify the product is ideal for those hard to reach areas, more hygienic than a face cloth or sponge and way more affective than cotton wool.

Description:  This soft, pliable brush is the perfect partner for all Eve Taylor cleansers to ensure a thorough cleanse. Made from 100% sustainable rubber this long lasting brush is gentle enough for a skin prone to sensitivity.

Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions.

Benefits: Use in light circular motions to gently increase circulation to aid cellular nourishment.
Glides smoothly across the skin.
Enables a more effective cleansing action than using fingers alone.

Key Ingredients: Made from 100% rubber.

It’s only £8 at Sanity and will last you a lifetime, save washing all those smelly flannels and ensure your skin has had a thorough and deep cleanse, it’s an investment 🙂

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