Fantastic skin doesn’t have to be expensive or damage our environment!

Fantastic skin doesn’t have to be expensive or damage our environment!

It’s been six months now since I’ve introduced Eve Taylor into my personal life first and foremost I wanted to test all the products before introducing them to Sanity clients, and I just want to shout to the world how good seriously good these products are.  My entire life I have suffered with extreme allergies, from food, to plants to lip balm to mascara, and especially heavily perfumed products been blue lighted to A&E three times now with swelling, difficulty breathing and due to the many times this has happened I always feel foolish and wasting their time.  However these products, they work, there are no preservatives, no manufactured fragrance just flora and fauna working naturally with our skin.  This week I’m introducing a new facial to Sanity – the skin quencher it’s ultimate aim is to repair and plump skin that has been exposed to the sun or drying elements in our environment but this is achieved with stable natures finest products and honestly do have the same results as your expensive Spa products.

Yesterday I read a super interesting article regarding the drying and dehydration effects of alcohol on our skin, as we age we can do a lot with the process on our face but we seem to struggle with our necks and décolletage, the article was inferring that the high alcohol content within perfume is the culprit of dehydrating our neck and chest area as that is the most common area that we spray perfume, and sadly some of the more expensive toner on the market have an extremely high alcohol content.  Eve Taylor’s toner is water and essential oils, your skin doesn’t feel ‘tight’ after use rather you feel refreshed, stripped back but in a smooth and soft way, prepared and ready for serum or moisturier.

Another interesting fact is the hot topic of exfoliation, there is a petition created by Greenpeace asking the Government to ban microbeads, these plastic beads are used in toothpaste and a lot of facial/body exfoliators, they are so small they cannot be filtered and are literally littering our oceans, a good friend of mine who has just finished his degree in Sustainable Energy alerted me to this area and it’s just crazy we are polluting our waters to exfoliate when there are natural alternatives.  Eve Taylor uses Bamboo beads, these Bamboo Exfoliator Vision Beads (INCI Name: Cellulose, HPMC, Vitamin E) are entirely natural and biodegradable. They work at the cellular level to naturally restore skin’s beauty through gently removing off skin’s surface cells and most importantly do not pollute our environment.

This blog might read as a marketing tool for Eve Taylor, I guess reading it back it does feel that way but when you find a product that is not only good for the environment, does not use harmful chemicals or pollute the environment I wanted to spread the love.  Yes I stock the products for upsale at Sanity, Yes I will write up your prescription after a facial at Sanity so you can look to purchase for home use, but this isn’t my aim, the pricing is way cheaper than Spa products, but it just works, you won’t regret trying Eve Taylor.


Click here to sign the GreenPeace petition to ban MicroBeads.