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Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to provide a therapeutic effect through the use of massage combined with the Olfactory system, (the sense of smell), nerves in the Olfactory system carry impulses to the brain that we interpret as smell, these trigger neuro-chemicals that may be sedative, relaxing, stimulating or euphoric in effect.

About Your Treatment

Sanity will begin with your consultation by tailoring a blend for your treatment aims, at Sanity there are over 20 different essential oils and more joining the collection every month, your Aromatherapy treatment at Sanity will be tailored specifically for your treatment aims, generic pre-blends are not used at Sanity.  Once your chosen blend is ready you will start the massage  laying on your front working the back, legs and arms after which you will then turn onto your back focusing again on lymph drainage and encouragement for the body to absorb the benefits contained within your unique blend. The abdomen is also included (only for female clients) moving upwards to the neck and shoulders.  While working the neck and shoulders you will be encouraged to take deep breaths drawing in the smell of the blend to stimulated the neuro-chemical triggers.  Massage technique during an Aromatherapy massage is noticeably lighter, the strokes involved are to encourage the lymph nodes to gently dilate and contract this process draws in the compounds within essential oils to the body and work towards your treatment aims.

Only £35 for 1 Hour and 15 Minutes Treatment

Check out my news section where an Aromatherapy guide exists for you to consider the essential oil required for your treatment.

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Consultation Questionnaire

*As with any treatment a consultation questionnaire will need to be completed before an appointment can be made, any contra-indications to treatment can prevent treatment from being delivered this is for your best interest and Sanity to ensure your individual needs are met. Any contra-indication that your GP can provide a letter to state treatment can take place is very welcome.