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Gel Break Manicure

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Sanity will begin by seating you comfortably on the massage chair at the nail station sit back and enjoy a choice of herbal tea, coffee you will soak in a conditioning hand and nail treatment in warm water, followed by cuticle work, (no cutting of Cuticles is ever performed at Sanity), followed by filing, shaping.  Your hands and nails will be massaged with the Eye Taylor Hand and Nail Rescue Cream, cuticles treated to oil and then a paraffin wax dip which warms and opens the pores in the hands which results in the ultimate for skin softness.

Your nails will be revived with OPI’s Gel Break professional, in-between your OPI gel polish manicure, treatment system.  Enriched with reparative vitamins and minerals, OPI Gel Break serum-infused base coat, sheer color, and protective top coat help restore nail health while always keeping you looking polished.  There’s no need to hide your nails while in recovery, available in three subtle nail colours to complement all skin tones, in just a week your nails make a comeback! Post Gel Break don’t go back to just any gel, try OPI Gel Color!

Only £25 for 1 Hour Treatment

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Consultation Questionnaire

*As with any treatment a consultation questionnaire will need to be completed before an appointment can be made, any contra-indications to treatment can prevent treatment from being delivered this is for your best interest and Sanity to ensure your individual needs are met. Any Contra-indication that your GP can provide a letter to state treatment can take place is very welcome.

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