Light Therapy Top-ups Block of 6

About This Project

Purchase a block of 6 light therapy top-ups to be taken as close together as possible to experience the ultimate in smooth, glowing skin. Top-up’s will be 30 minutes, with a quick cleanse, tone and application of hyaluronic acid before your light therapy facial mask duration 20 minutes with hot stone upper shoulder, neck and scalp massage during the therapy.



About Your Treatment

The Treatment Guide

Eye and lip make-up removal with Soothing Eye Make-up Remover on dampened cotton wool pads.

Cleanse face, neck and décolleté with Clear Cleanse® on dry skin.

Cleanse for a second time applying Soothing Cleanser and using the facial brush.

Light Mask for 20 minutes during which hot stone upper shoulder, neck and scalp massage performed.

Light moisturiser to finish


£90 for a block of 6 of these topups, saving you £15 buying them individually.


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Consultation Questionnaire

*As with any treatment a consultation questionnaire will need to be completed before an appointment can be made, any contra-indications to treatment can prevent treatment from being delivered this is for your best interest and Sanity to ensure your individual needs are met. Any Contra-indication that your GP can provide a letter to state treatment can take place is very welcome.

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