Swedish Back Massage

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Swedish Full Body Massage

The Swedish massage system incorporates techniques known as effleurage, petrissage, vibration and friction, these movements are both physiological and psychologically beneficial.  Each massage performed will be adapted to the clients needs be it that you wish to leave relaxed and headed off home to peace or whether a particular area is sore that would benefit from some extra attention.  You will feel energised as blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulated, a feeling of well being can increase confidence and positive thoughts.

About Your Treatment

Sanity will begin your massage facing down on the couch, straight to work on your back, initially looking for tight areas, knots, contractions, should an area need extra attention Infra-red light will be positioned for a short period of time over the area to soften and warm the muscle groupings ready for the massage movements. You will have been offered a choice of massage medium and this will be worked over your back, with the stimulating massage movements – Tapotement that includes kneading, plucking, hacking, beating, or should you require a move gentle sedating massage Tapotement will be omitted and more emphasis on the kneading, skimming and frictions for relaxation.  At Sanity the use of essential oils is always incorporated and a great oil that assists the Swedish technique with knots and tension is black pepper this will be applied if required.

Only £30 for 1 Hour

Only £20 for 30 Minutes

Teen/Express variation

Teen treatments are a mini/express version of the full treatment as under 18’s can only be treated for a maximum 30 minutes.  This category can also be used as an express option if time is against you.

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Consultation Questionnaire

*As with any treatment a consultation questionnaire will need to be completed before an appointment can be made, any contra-indications to treatment can prevent treatment from being delivered this is for your best interest and Sanity to ensure your individual needs are met. Any Contra-indication that your GP can provide a letter to state treatment can take place is very welcome.

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