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Very excited to announce the new luxury facial at Sanity, a tailored Ultimate Hydration Facial using advanced products from Eve Taylor and supplemented with Beauty Boost super charged hydration eye masks – this facial is a amazing 12 step facial that smoothes lines, plumps the skin and aids recovery from sun damage.

Hydration is one of the key elements required by the epidermis for it to function properly and allow the optimum health of the skin.  Skin dehydration occurs when the water content is lost from the cells of the outermost layer of the skin (stratum corneum).

The stratum corneum cells (of a healthy skin) hold water content, when the percentage drops below 10% it is then classed as dehydrated.

The skins outermost layer acts as a barrier to our body, when functioning correctly it stops essential water content escaping and also stops environmental aggressors penetrating.  When the skin becomes dehydrated it causes tiny cracks and fissures within the barrier allowing the evaporation of water through these cracks, this is known as Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL)

Aggressors are able to penetrate through these cracks which can lead to irritation and infection.

Skin dehydration can affect all skin types and people of any age. Often people associate dehydration just with dry skin but this is wrong – even the oiliest of skin can become chronically dehydrated.  There are many external factors that can cause the skin to lose its water content these include:

Soap or other alkaline products, Alcohol (both topically applied and drinking),the use of very hot water, excessive exfoliation or too vigorous exfoliation, central heating and air conditioning, extreme weather fluctuations.

The effects of dehydrated skin can include:

  •  Fine lines
  •  Wrinkles
  •  Premature ageing
  •  Redness
  •  Soreness
  •  Irritation
  •  Infections
  •  Itchy skin
  •  Flaky skin
  •  Skin tightness / shrunken sensation

Characteristics of dehydrated skin include a tight shine to the skin; the appearance of very fine lines running across your skin which ‘kris-kross’ when you move with facial expressions or when analysed with your finger. Fine age lines may appear more pronounced.


About Your Treatment

The Treatment Guide – 12 Step Facial

Eye and lip make-up removal with Miscellar Lip and Eye remover on dampened cotton wool pads.

Cleanse face, neck and décolleté with Clear Cleanse® on dry skin.

Cleanse for a second time applying Soothing Cleanser and using the facial brush.

Spritz Toner to close pores.

Apply Hydration Eye Masks which are left for 10 minutes

Apply BioCream active exfoliator with a damp masque brush to ensure a thinner application remove exfoliant after 3 minutes.

Apply a generous layer of Hyaluronic Acid Serum to face, neck and décolleté.

Choose from either Cryogenic Peel Mask with active ingredients to target hydration or choose the Light Therapy Mask both are 20 minutes in duration during which time a shoulder and neck massage will be performed with warm/hot stones.

Apply generous layer of Triple Action Vitamin C

Apply Advanced Eye Complex that contains tripeptide 5, Q10 and Vitamin C

Apply moisturiser of choice, whether you need a heavy cream at the end of the day, or a lighter lotion that can be worn under makeup, alternatively opt for fantastic Moisturing Solar Shield that contains an SPF of 25.

Finish with a lip treatment balm.



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Consultation Questionnaire

*As with any treatment a consultation questionnaire will need to be completed before an appointment can be made, any contra-indications to treatment can prevent treatment from being delivered this is for your best interest and Sanity to ensure your individual needs are met. Any Contra-indication that your GP can provide a letter to state treatment can take place is very welcome.

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