Headache Buster



Sanity starts your Indian Head on the massage couch relaxing back so your upper shoulders, neck and back of head can be massaged, using a lighter touch than a Swedish massage but still working the knots and tension away from the problem stress holding areas of the upper shoulders and the muscles going up the back of the scalp. Friction techniques will be used on the shoulder areas, muscle pull back for the neck and top of your shoulder blades, leave those areas feeling light and relaxed before moving onto the scalp. Kneading, knuckling, tapping and slight pulls on the hair provide a sense of immense release to any tightness and stress that we hold during the day, these techniques also encourage blood flow to the scalp nourishing the hair follicle with the oxygen that the improved circulation is providing.

Once the muscles and scalp have been worked you will be asked to slide down the couch resting your head back and your face that contains 37 marma/pressure points will be worked to provide lymphatic drainage of toxins held deep within the cell structures to be flushed out, sinus passages will be stimulated to reduce inflammation and congestion. Marma points are reflective of our energy centres should you understand the origins of Chakra healing, the aim of stimulating the marma points is to re-centre our energy wheels that supplement our physical being. (Any Chakra, or Energy balancing technique’s can be explained in detail should you be interested, just ask).

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A Holistic blend of Indian Head, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy the Headache Buster is a treatment tailored directly for those tension/stress headaches along with the benefit of Aromatherapy in case that fuzzy head is a hormone triggered event.