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Light Therapy Facials

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Ok so much to tell you and my brain goes way faster than my fingers can type so deep breath here we go - the Olympia Beauty Show, WOW, loved it, really there were some hidden gems amongst the hundreds of retailers there but have come back with some great products and my biggest investment was the Aurora LED Facial Mask. If you've been to Sanity you will already be aware that I am firmly against chemicals, synthetic fragrance, cheap oils and anything that is applied to our bodies that doesn't enhance the natural function. Skin wise, I've suffered over the years, I cannot use fragranced products, they burn my skin and I shed a layer of dead skin if I come into contact with anything too perfumed and hence my choice of Eve Taylor for my facial products. BUT, and this is a big but, I'm getting older, I've noticed age spots on my face, lines around my mouth and topical application goes only so far, and what I noticed at Olympia was how many suppliers are offering invasive, cosmetic type procedures, and it's just something I'm not prepared to pump into my body, wrinkles would have to stay. I started to read about light therapy mainly due to my introduction of sound therapy and how frequency can help alleviate anxiety and poor sleep, it took my interest, as light and differing colours of light have a natural boosting effect on the body's regeneration of skin cells. See below for the information on how it works, and links to case studies for further reference.

At Sanity I have purchased the consumer unit, I will be creating a secondary specialist facial that includes 20 minutes of using the Aurora mask, which will be used after cleansing, exfoliating, during which time you can relax and enjoy a hot stone upper shoulder and neck massage finishing off with a light moisturiser you will leave with your skin glowing. Taking a look at the case studies you will notice more prolonged effects of specific issues is achievable with multiple sessions therefore I will be offering a treatment plan which will reduce the cost of booking individual sessions should you wish to target a particular skin issue.

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